Naked 4 Nature

Aliah Banchik
Underwater photography & illustration
Since 2019 I have been exploring the underwater world with a camera. I am a marine biologist and artist and want to use my photography and art as a way to educate and inspire! My work is driven by my fervent curiosity so like a modern day pirate, I explore & protect rather than explore & collect :)
why corals
Corals are easily the most complex and beautiful animal in the world and for this reason alone I believe they hold intrinsic value…but it’s more than that…much more…they are the basis of the ocean ecosystem supporting 25% of all marine life during at least one phase of their lives. Without them, our oceans die and so do we. We are all connected. I study coral biology and ecology so that I can continue exploring and protecting the worlds most valuable ecosystem for years to come.
Miami Beach / Townsville Australia


Coral Organization