How to buy an NFT

Congratulations! You’ve decided to jump into the rabbit hole and buy your first NFT. Great! Now, what do you need to do?

Create a wallet 💰

First, you need a digital wallet. Consider this your passport to the blockchain. With it you’re going to receive funds, log into Web3 dapps (Decentralized Apps), and more importantly for us, buy and enjoy NFTs.

There are tons of wallets! But for those of us that aren't technical and just want to learn and play around NFTs we recommend using Kukai. It allows you to interact with Tezos (the blockchain that Nemo is built on!) using your existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account, so no new accounts to create or passwords to remember.

Create an account using your existing Google, Facebook or Twitter account
You now have a crypto wallet!
The view of a new wallet created with Kukai.

Buy Tezos 🤑

Now that you have your wallet, you need to load it up! If you were going to buy art in a traditional gallery, you would load your wallet up with dollars, most likely through your credit card.

Each blockchain has a native cryptocurrency, Nemo uses Tezos ($XTZ). So for buying Nemo NFTs, you’ll need to load your wallet with Tezos.

Click the "Buy Tezos" button
Kukai wallet with arrow pointing towards buy button
Sign up for Moonpay

You need to create an account with Moonpay, a crypto provider, to buy & send XTZ (Tezos) to your Kukai wallet. This is a separate account from your Kukai wallet (we know, it can get confusing!).

When you go to a bank you’re asked to show your ID to verify it’s actually you and not someone else. Buying cryptocurrencies in an exchange is similar, you’ll have to provide your ID to comply with US regulations.

Nemo NFTs start at 100 xtz, we recommend you get a couple more Tezos to cover for network and transaction fees.

Moonpay currency dialog screen
Wait to be verified by Moonpay (it's usually between 5-15mins, though sometimes it can take up to a few hours) ⏰
Check that you have received XTZ (Tezos) in your wallet

Choose your NFT 🤩

Now that you have both your wallet, and funds (Tezos) in it, you are ready to buy your NFT from Nemo 🚀

Go to The Spawn collection
Select the NFT you like the most and click View Creation
Click Open in Objkt button and you'll be directed to the Objkt website
Nemo website with an arrow pointing to the "Buy in Objkt" button

Sign in to is an NFT marketplace that uses the Tezos blockchain. In order to buy NFTs there you'll need to sign in, or sync, with your wallet.

Signing into Objkt

Signing into Objkt

Click on the sync button on the top right.
The NFT shown on the Objkt site
On the screen that pops up, select Kukai. A new tab opens up in your Kukai wallet, and you will prompted to approve your wallet to sync with Objkt.
Approving sign into Objkt on Kukai wallet
Once you approve, you can go back to the Objkt tab. Where it used to say sync you will now have an avatar.
Objkt with sign in confirmation

Buy NFT 🎉

Now that you're logged into Objkt and on the page of the NFT you want to buy, click on the blue Buy button.

Buying an NFT on Objkt

Buying a Nemo NFT

Objkt makes a request to your Kukai wallet to spend the funds to buy the NFT.
If it doesn't automatically take you there, go to your Kukai. Here you will confirm the operation and sign the transaction.
Your funds are sent to Objkt and you receive the NFT in your wallet.
You are now a philanthropist and NFT collector! Thank you for helping save our corals!
Sofia Vergara applauds happily

You're now a collector!