The Coral Ark

Javier Soler
I'm a Coral Ecologist that have spent the last ten years growing/photographing varying coral species from around the world. Working in synthetic coral farms growing species from all major reef centers with a focus on fragmentation, conditioning, and total sustainable aquaculture. I focus on Indo-Pacific and Australia coral species. I've work with coral coloration and the ecological mechanisms that motivate the fluorescent pigmentation seen in coral species. I've perfected the skill of UV fluorescent photography with varying coral and reef fish. I decided to dedicate any chance I can to the creation of "The Coral Ark" which will expand throughout my future experience with reef systems.
why corals
The fascination I hold with corals is based on several factors that deal with both the physical and chemical processes that drive their existence, but to sum it up I find their existence to be sort of an impossibility, a true wonder in fact. The coloration and form they take is not only unique to the animal kingdom but also incredibly diverse within itself, even after ten years I am still seeing new variations of coral on a regular basis. This simple truth, alongside many other obvious factors leads me to assume that coral reefs are indeed the most impressive form of life we hold on this planet. This thought is what led to the creation of my photographic collection which I can only hope acts as a true visual ark preserving the brilliance of corals and their true expression of color that defies possibility.
Miami, Florida


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