Hey Lovely Girl

Laura Castellano
Digital Artist
As a digital artist, I’m really passionate about portraying my thoughts and creating emotional connections through my art. In 2017, I started my creative journey while I was in college. I created my art project named “Hey Lovely Girl”, that later turned into my brand where I get to express myself through digital artworks, illustrations and writings. My art revolves around different themes such as my own beliefs, emotions, personal growth, music and more. I’m really passionate about art, nature, music and being present enjoying life.
why corals
I was very touched after I watched the documentary “Chasing Coral” on Netflix. It is heartbreaking to see the coral reefs bleaching and the huge coral establishments being wiped out overtime. I find corals beautiful and fascinating. I want to contribute to help conserve them and also, create awareness of this sometimes invisible yet very concerning problem.
Miami, Florida


Coral Organization