Liv Williamson

Liv Wiliamson
Photography and Videography
As a coral biologist who recently earned my Ph.D. with the University of Miami's Coral Reef Futures Lab, I research intervention strategies to help coral reef ecosystems persist in the face of climate change. I focus primarily on coral reproduction and early life stages (a.k.a. coral sex and babies), using “assisted evolution” approaches to boost coral resilience and improve outcomes for the next generation, and I integrate this work into reef restoration efforts in Florida and beyond. In addition to conducting research, I am deeply committed to involving non-scientists and members of the public, particularly folks from underrepresented communities, in marine conservation. By spearheading education and public outreach initiatives, leading citizen science expeditions, and creating visual media to spread messages of marine conservation and environmental stewardship, I aim to share my passion for ocean life with the next generation of scientists, policy-makers, and activists.
why corals
Corals underpin the health and wellbeing of our own human communities. Coral reefs are our supermarkets, our medicine cabinets, our guardians, our playgrounds, our inspiration. They are sources of tremendous ecological, economic, and cultural value, and we can't afford to lose them.
Miami, Florida, USA


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