Stephanie Kilgast

Stephanie Kilgast
Mixed Media Art
"Inspired by natural forms, Stéphanie Kilgast’s artwork is an ode to nature and its current biodiversity. Plants, mushrooms, insects and other animals encounter in a vibrant swirl of colors under her brush or sculpting tools. Since 2017, in her series “Discarded Objects”, she grows colorful organic sculptures on manufactured objects, celebrating the beauty of nature in a dialogue with humanity, questioning the lost balance between human activities and nature. Her work has a cheerful post apocalyptic feel to it, a reassuring reminder that nature has the capacity to grow back, if we only let it. Her work has been exhibited in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. French, born in 1985, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, currently resides in Vannes, France"
why corals
Coral Reefs and Rainforests are the last hot spots of biodiversity on Earth. They're crucial to life and climate cycles and need to be protected from ourselves.
Vannes, France


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