What do we do?

Coral Restoration Foundation™ focuses on actively restoring Florida’s Coral Reef and supporting reef restoration efforts around the world.

Coral Restoration

Florida’s Coral Reef

Coral Restoration Foundation™ grows tens of thousands of genetically diverse corals in the world’s largest offshore coral nurseries and rehomes them on degraded reef sites. They are restoring structure, habitat, and biodiversity to the reef system.

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Coral outplanting in numbers



Corals outplanted

Number of coral fragments planted by July 2022

Speed growth

How much faster do our corals grow compared to natural colonies?




What is the average survivorship of outplanted corals?

30,000 sq. meters

Corals coverage

Reef area restored by July 2022

Linear extension

What is the total linear extension of outplanted corals?



Diversity of coral species in the outplanted ecosystem

Fish survey

How many new species are living on the outplanted reef?

Coral nurseries

Coral nurseries are places where corals are raised until they are ready to be rehomed on a reef restoration site. To raise huge numbers of corals quickly and cost effectively, Coral Restoration Foundation™ invented the Coral Tree™, which is now used by groups around the world. Corals suspended on the Coral Trees grow very quickly.

Coral nurseries are

Natural spawning

Coral spawning is an annual phenomenon during which corals of the same species synchronize the release of sperm and eggs (gametes) into the water column over several days following the full moon 🌚. The little white balls that look like snow are coral gametes! Natural spawning is a great sign of healthy corals, as they don't spawn when they are sick or stressed.

Coral Science

Studying corals is vital for ensuring restoration efforts have the best chance of success. Coral Restoration Foundation™ supports a wide range of research including projects exploring resilient coral genotypes, restoration techniques, environmental factors affecting outplant survival and much more.

currently working on

Harnessing cutting edge technologies including artificial intelligence to aid in the automation and efficiency of restoration site monitoring.

Site monitoring

Coral species we work on

A. cervicornis

A. palmata

O. annularis

O. faveolata

C. natans
D. labyrinthiformis
D. stokesi
F. fragum
I. sinuosa
M. complanata
P. astreoides
P. strigosa
P. porities
S. bournoni
S. hyades
S. siderea
M. cavernosa
S. radians

Top research publications

Top projects funded with grants



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Coral Education

It is vital that we engage and empower all communities if we are to succeed at saving coral reefs from extinction. Educational programs at Coral Restoration Foundation™ include PADI Coral Restoration Specialty courses and dive programs, freely available educational resources including lesson plans, digital presentations, after school clubs, and more.

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Our coral leaders

We are a small, dynamic team with a fierce passion for marine conservation. Our specialized backgrounds and diverse experiences all contribute to a professional environment of cooperation, determination, and innovation.

Scott Winters


Jessica Levy

Director of Restoration Strategy

Amelia Moura

Science Program Manager

Derek Hagen

Education Program Manager
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There are three main areas in which coral conservation organizations usually focus their resources on: coral restoration, coral science & research and last but not least, coral education. This is a breakdown for how this organization distributes their funds.

funds distribution in 2021

Local Conservation